Kevin Held, the founder of 9/11 Memorial Quilt

Posted by Admin / August 10th, 2012

The September 11th attacks was one of the worst tragedies to have ever befallen the nation or people of America. It was traumatizing and terrorizing—but the American people responded by asking to help. They wanted to be able to do something to help, to protect, to commemorate. There were many ways in which the average person could contribute to the cause, but one of the ones that attracted a good deal of attention in the wake of September 11th was the 9/11 Memorial Quilt. This was a major project that planning to involve a great deal of people and a lot of hard work. Inevitably this meant that either this project would be a colossal success, once achieved, or that it would be too large of a project to be accomplished. The 9/11 Memorial Quilt was a great idea, but one that ran out of steam, eventually. Non-profits are not easy to run and they require funding and attention in order to accomplish their aims—unfortunately Kevin Held, the founder of 9/11 Memorial Quilt, was forced to recognize at some point that his project was not going to be accomplished. Kevin Held had no prior experience with non-profits, but he did his very best during the course of his work with 9/11 Memorial Quilt.

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